YOU will have an opportunity to have your say too


Who I am

I have lived in Calgary since I was a small child. I have two boys, who are 11 and 14, and I am married to a truly wonderful guy who is a metallurgical engineering inspector. I have a pretty mixed professional and educational background. I have worked mostly as a supplier for oil and gas in laboratories – both environmental and specialty labs, and I have also been an environmental consultant. Currently I am working at an environmental consulting firm, doing regulatory compliance for GHGs and other industrial and human health-related air services. I have a BSc in Physical Geography, an MBA, and am finishing my PhD in Medical Public Health - Epidemiology (I am at the defense stage) with an emphasis on environmental and toxicological determinants of chronic disease – in other words, what on our environment is making us sick!

Why I’m running

I decided to get into politics because I am worried about what is happening within our lives at multiple levels and for multiple issues. With the advent of social media, people are a lot more connected and a lot more informed. It is becoming increasingly difficult, even for scientists, to determine what is legitimate and what is “Fake News”, or at least, what is a legitimate fact and what is merely a biased opinion. Additionally, I am increasingly seeing that big governments hurt so many aspects of our daily lives in many ways. I am (as are you) privy to much more than we historically ever could have been. I was drawn to the People’s Party of Canada because I felt politics has gotten off track. It is not about the people anymore, but about keeping government in power and about them protecting their own interests, not ours. I strongly believe in the PPC’s core values and principals of Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect and primarily, making Canada better for ALL Canadians.

What I want

As a final note about what I said about government and politicians, I just want to let you know: these are not just words to me. I plan on implementing a system such that before we vote on ANYTHING in the House of Commons, YOU will have an opportunity to have your say too. I am working on a voting system that will be largely informal, but will not perpetuate a system whereupon, you vote for some politician who said all the right things, and then they get four years of free reign to do what they wish. That is not my goal. I want a real say and I know you do too. Let’s do it together!


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