Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Hoeppner has lived in Calgary since she was 3 years old. She went to school here all through grade school and University. She had a brief 1 year stint in Toronto, and then moved back here. After having travelled to many different parts of the world - mostly to Europe, the Middle East and around North America, she is utterly sincere in saying that there is nowhere else in the world she would rather live! Both her children were born here and all of her family lives here, or else in Strathmore.

Stephanie is married to a metallurgical engineering inspector who works for the jurisdiction. A long-time Calgarian as well, he has worked for engineering firms and oil and gas directly throughout his career, mainly focusing on inspection of pipelines and pressure vessels. They have been together for 20 years, were married at St. Giles Presbyterian Church and have two children, 14 and 11, both boys. Both of their children have special needs, the youngest having ASD.


Stephanie has worked for over 25 years in the environmental laboratory and environmental consulting field, doing reclamation and remediation for the oil and gas industry. Currently she holds a BSc in Physical Geography, an MBA, and is finishing her PhD in Medical Public Health - Epidemiology with an emphasis on environmental and toxicological determinants of chronic disease – in other words, what on our environment is making us sick! She currently is working for an environmental consulting firm as a senior environmental scientist, focusing on toxicology, air sciences, GHG testing, and regulatory compliance. She has had experience running working groups with industry as well as governmental health and environmental agencies to develop environmental regulations and improve regulatory and scientific methods for testing and compliance.

Stephanie started working as a laboratory analyst the day after she finished High School, while going through University - working in the environmental labs in the summer, and the geology labs in the winter. She is a second-generation lab rat! When she was 22 she was made a manager, in charge of the Suncor Firebag oil sands work and moved up the ladder over time. That first managerial experience changed her forever. Since then, being a good manager, engaging and coaching young people in their career has been as big a passion as her scientific work. Then in 2006, she started dabbling in the metabolomics realm (all the good chemicals in your body and bad chemicals that can have adverse effects) as well as the novel small molecule chemistry realm, getting very interested in environmental and functional medicine. Fundamentally, she knew that that Albertan businesses who deal heavily with oil and gas have huge peaks and valleys in their revenue streams, and she needed to start adding to their product lines to even these out.


In 2014, she started and ran a specialty laboratory focusing on human metabolomics, nutritional markers and persistent organic pollutants, environmental forensics, specialty ecotoxicological assessments and routine environmental samples in a joint venture partnership between Life Science Forensics and Paracel Laboratories, located in Calgary, Alberta. This venture married together the fields of toxicology, environmental medicine and environmental reclamation.

Stephanie is a vociferous advocate of the Canadian Public Health system and for the special needs community of parents and children, especially those with Autism. As an ASD Mom herself, she is passionate about being a Scientist Mom who can help other moms navigate the quagmire of misinformation and pseudoscience that exists. Additionally, she is working on clinical trials for both ASD and MS. The ultimate goal is creating a diagnostic tool that can help these children reach optimal health by improving nutrition and addressing their medical comorbidities, and for MS, to create a diagnostic tool that can help confirm MS diagnoses following MRIs.

Stephanie also has a long history of working in and for the community, as mentioned before by acting as an advocate and mentor for families with children who have ASD to navigate the FSCD process (Family Services for Children with Disabilities), and in the health realm, but also in volunteering with adults with neurological disabilities, either as a caregiver or to give assistance in determining health care treatment options. She also has been very active in fundraising and volunteering for a variety of causes, including: Scouts Canada (behind the scenes as Mrs. Akela!) Foster Parents plan (where they have fostered 4 children), Ronald McDonald House, the Calgary Women's Shelter, The Mustard Seed, AutismOne, Autism Speaks, Samaritan's Purse, Soup Sisters and many others.


Fundamentally, Stephanie believes that big governments hurt small businesses, and really, all businesses. She was drawn to the People’s Party of Canada because she strongly believes in its core values and principles, especially to decrease or eliminate unfair taxes and trade barriers, managing our own health care, respecting the constitution, and primarily, making Canada better for ALL Canadians.